Moses – A pattern for being called

Here’s some notes on our reading in Exodus last week.

  1. Initial calling
    1. Moses knew of his calling even when he was in Pharaoh’s court. But he wasn’t ready.
    2. God was preparing him.
  2. Tried to carry out calling in his own power
    1. Killed the Egyptian guard thinking his people would understand his calling.
    2. They didn’t see God in what Moses did. They saw him and his flaws.
    3. Therefore, don’t charge out into you calling under your own power. You may very well cause a great deal of damage.
  3. Before honor comes humility
    1. 40 years in the desert, serving as a lowly shepherd prepared him for what God called him to do.
    2. Therefore, when you’re in the desert, waiting, do not think that God has put you aside. He’s preparing you for what’s next.
  4. Prepped and ready to serve
    1. When God meet with Moses at the burning bush, Moses was humbled and now ready for the job.  You can tell by his reaction. He knew that he had nothing within himself to do what God was calling him to do.
    2. Moses was emptied of himself, so now God could fill Moses up with Himself.
    3. Again, God prepared Moses for the job. It was a work that God did, not Moses.
    4. Therefore, be patient and wait upon the Lord. Let patience have her perfect work.
  5. Immediate opposition from everywhere.
    1. When you’re truly called of God, you will almost immediately receive opposition from those outside the faith and even those that are professing Christians.
    2. The Israelites complained to Moses because Pharaoh made their work harder.
    3. Pharaoh didn’t listen and wasn’t going to listen to a man that ran out of Pharaoh’s house and was now a lowly shepherd, which the Egyptians despised.
    4. Moses even doubted himself and his calling.
    5. Opposition came from everywhere, but God was still going to do His work.
    6. Therefore, don’t despair when you see opposition; expect it.
  6. God uses that opposition to show His power (not yours)
    1. Because of the opposition, God brought the 10 plagues upon the Egyptians. 
    2. Not only did the Egyptians and the Israelites see the power of God, but so did the nations around them. 
    3. The word spread quickly, The God of the Israelites is the true God.
    4. Therefore, not only should you expect the opposition, but know that God will bring himself glory through it.
  7. Learn to delegate. You can’t do it all.
    1. Jethro, the father-in-law to Moses saw that Moses was trying to do it all when he gave counsel to the people. Jethro advised him to break up the work, because if he didn’t, he would wear himself out.
    2. As leaders, we must learn to delegate. Not only does it relieve your burdens, but it also teaches others to be leaders and to also delegate tasks.
    3. This is part of making disciples, who will make others that will do the same.
  8. Serving God in the ministry doesn’t give you a “pass” on sin.
    1. In the later part of his life, Moses committed a sin that kept him out of the promised land.
    2. It didn’t seem like a “big sin” but if God let that go it would have said to the Israelites, “If you serve me long enough, I’ll let some things slide.”  But that’s not how God works. 
    3. You must remain obedient and repentant throughout your calling. There never is a time when you get a “pass” on sin. 
    4. Therefore, remain faithful throughout the ups and downs of your ministry. For in the end, God will give you your reward.

1 thought on “Moses – A pattern for being called

  1. DALLAS HENDRICKS August 30, 2019 — 8:02 pm

    Receiving Truth
    Maintaining being humble
    Doing things in your own power
    Not being patient
    Misunderstandings his people



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