The state of America. A pragmatic view.

When Trump got into the White House, many Christians believed it was a blessing from God.

Our country would once again be a Christian nation.  Corruption would be eliminated at the highest levels. Criminals would be locked up and God’s blessings would once again pour down upon the United States. Peace and prosperity would once again be found on our shores. But…that’s not what happened.

So, what really happened? From a pragmatic viewpoint…we got to see behind the curtain. 

The vail that covered the corruption in the government, academia, the corporate world, the entertainment world, the mainstream media, and even within the church, was pulled back for all of us to see.  And when the power of the people, our ability to choose our leaders, was ripped from our hands as well, we got to see even more. 

We finally learned that our choices no longer mattered. We were no longer in a Constitutional Republic, not even within a Democracy, but in a tyranny. Maybe a fledgling one at that, but a tyranny, nonetheless.

So why Trump? God establishes world leaders, both noble and corrupt, for his purposes, so…why Trump?

Why give us a leader that wanted nothing more than to restore America to conservative values and a better way of life? Why give us a president that focused on uplifting families, strengthening the boarder, bringing back jobs, improving healthcare, education, and defending the nation against enemies both foreign and domestic? Why give us a man that wanted to do all those things but was unable to do so? I believe it was for the very purpose we witnessed.

To lift up the skirt of America and show us her shame. To reveal how crooked, wicked, and immoral she really was to us and the whole world.  By wanting to do the right thing, along with the power to achieve it, it forced the darkness’s hand out into the open. They could no longer reside within the shadows to practice their nefarious works. They had to expose themselves in order to protect their power and control.  

Hence, Trump.

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He will not bless a nation, whose people that are called by His name refuse to repent of their sins. What sins, you ask?

Is there not homosexuality in the churches? Is there not adultery in the churches, abortion, fornication, false doctrine in the churches?  Are not many churches focused in on health and wealth and social justice issues and not on holiness and righteousness?

The churches no longer influence the world because they look just like the world.

Therefore, from a pragmatic view, which way do you think our country will be going in the future?

For me, as a dyed-in-the-wool realist, I say, prepare your hearts and minds for persecution. Because it’s coming sooner than you think.  If you haven’t done so, repent of your sins and be in fellowship with like-minded believers.  Otherwise, you’ll perish with the rest that want freedom and liberty more than they want holiness and righteousness.

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